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About Negotiation-Blog C4

Negotiations belong to both our professional and private everyday life. Living is negotiating: negotiations can save lives. Dissolve standstills. End conflicts. Turn contrary positions into progress and adversaries into partners. An art that can be learned on the basis of applied and practical psychological knowledge. Yet in the German business world, it still leads a shadowy existence. understands itself as a platform with the goal to critically and scientifically process current negotiation processes in the worlds of politics, economics and society while clarifying the relevant strategic mechanisms that are in place. Hereby, the blog offers insights in psychological and methodic approaches to negotiations based on the most current findings of negotiation research. What men have ever aimed to grasp intuitively has become applied sciences in the last 20 years. Psychologists and economists, biologists and mathematicians fathom its mechanisms – and discover and test tactics, strategies and manipulative tricks. In continuously released contributions, current practical examples are analytically incorporated.

The examination of current examples oughts to give readers the opportunity to develop own perspectives on and goals for negotiations, to reflect on them and to deduce practical findings from it. The range contains economical and political cases as well as socially relevant conflict situations that can be solved through negotiations.

Successful negotiations follow a concrete principle: they are soundly prepared, strategically planned and tactically realised. This valid for kidnappings and extortions as well as for negotiations with works councils, sales negotiations or everyday negotiations in the office. Psychological knowledge and its application amount for a substantial share of the success or failure of particular negotiation goals and their implementation. shows, which factors in negotiation processes have or will be decisive for success and failure.

Because in every conflict, the solution lies on the path of negotiation.

Or as the Indian Minister President Jawaharlal Nehru once said: All Wars end with negotiations. So why not negotiate directly?